The real death panel

Over at AlterNet (chuckle), Medea Benjamin and I note that the so-called “Super Committee” tasked with slashing federal spending — including, we’re told, spending on empire — is composed of Congress’ most reliable defenders of the military-industrial complex. The committee co-chair, Washington Democrat Patty Murray, is even openly campaigning for another term, not on the basis her long career of service on behalf the public (another chuckle — no, belly laugh), but on behalf of Boeing.

Check it out. Or if you don’t feel like sending AlterNet traffic or would prefer a different font, go read it at


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6 Responses to The real death panel

  1. They should label members of Congress as representing their largest corporate donors–not states or districts–because they have long ceased serving Sen. Patty Murray D-Boeing

  2. ConArtist says:

    Excellent as usual. Really right on task and so obvious it's maddening. Although I think there was one typo- subtlety, not subtly…

  3. D'oh. Well Antiwar caught it, so that's a point in their favor.

  4. It's always the last line you throw in too…

  5. Troville90 says:

    I'll echo what ConArtist wrote: excellent as usual. This is an especially brilliant line: "Jobs for Americans, obviously: it would be macabre to brag about creating work for Pakistani funeral directors."

  6. Delete this if you like, it's OT and self-promoting. I worked really hard on this series of posts debunking and trashing the article by the supposed "GOP Operative" Mike Lofgren at Truthout. It would be nice to get someone to read it and give some feedback. Thanks.

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