Smash it up

The (International) Noise Conspiracy por ben-never-scene

About Charles Davis

A writer and producer with whose work has aired on television and radio and been published by outlets such as Al Jazeera, The Intercept, The Nation and The New Republic.
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5 Responses to Smash it up

  1. Todd S. says:

    Never heard this band before. Not so bad. Similar sound to older Hives. A little searching turned up this gem of a song title as well:

  2. Todd S. says:

    I just looked them up (Wikipedia is too awesome to live without) and they are a Swedish band from around that same time period. Guess that explains the similar sounds.

  3. El Serracho! says:

    still sooo soo good.

  4. Refused were even better, but might be a little too punk-screamy for some. The Shape of Punk to Come is excellent, if you don't mind blasts of sound and some screaming.

  5. Todd S. says:

    I've heard some Refused, but my punk will always be bands like Dead Kennedys, MDC, Conflict, DRI, Reagan Youth and more recently acts like The Virus and The Casualties.

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