Interview with Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) may now be winding down his campaign for president, but when I first spoke with him last year he was just getting started. The following interview, conducted on January 16th, 2007, just off the floor of the House of Representatives, I believe was in fact the first interview with the Congressman following the news that he was forming an exploratory committee and considering a presidential run. The interview also happened to take place right after President Bush announced the so-called “surge” in Iraq, which provides an interesting starting point for the conversation.

In hindsight, several of Congressman Paul’s comments turned out to be rather prescient, such as his prediction that the Internet would allow him to get his message out to an untapped segment of the population that would be receptive to his libertarian message.

My favorite part? His characterization of the current Republican Party as having been taken over by promoters of “big government, corporate interests, and warmongering.”

Anyway, go ahead and check it for yourself:

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