Money for War, but Can’t Feed the Poor

Liberals and conservatives are both wrong about taxes, I argue in a piece for VICE which notes that when some people learn the truth about what the IRS does with their money, they never pay their taxes again.

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You say you want a revolution

My latest piece for VICE tells the tale of how one FBI agent infiltrated a left-wing activist group and tried to get a bunch of people thrown behind bars for talking about revolution. Read and share with your lovers and/or loved ones.

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Don’t be a Dick

I wrote about the concept of “microaggression” for VICE, where I now have an archive and where I never read the comments.

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Stuff I forgot to post here

I wrote three articles since I last updated this blog, so now I am going to link to them with the expectation that you will read them. And you will read them. I have your IP address.

– I wrote about how the for-profit South by Southwest is breaking the law by relying on unpaid labor. Read it.

– I wrote about how white immigrants from Germany get special treatment compared to brown Latinos. Read it.

– I interviewed a guy who thinks we should abolish prison. Read it.

Until next time!

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I’m a few weeks late pointing this out here because, frankly, writing more than 140 characters is passé, but in case you missed it — and why would you? — my last article for VICE (all caps) had to do with a recent government study finding that reports of rape behind bars are on the rise. Go read the piece but, as always, not the comments.

Also I updated the WordPress theme for this here site to another free design that I find slightly less bad.

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The week in me

– VICE published my latest piece on unpaid labor, concerning the use of armed volunteers by police departments across the United States.

– Salon published my interview with The Nation’s Eric Alterman regarding his opposition to diversity in the debate over Israel-Palestine.

– And finally, Salon published my piece arguing that if California Governor Jerry Brown really cares about “public safety,” he should spend the state’s emergency fund on preparation for the next earthquake, not to transfer non-violent drug offenders to private prisons.

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The year in review

This year, 2013, wasn’t a bad year for me, all told, but it was a weird wooden roller coaster of a 12-month period with highs that were high and lows which are better left for my LiveJournal. In this weirdest of years, I wrote some things, some of which got traction and some of which even I’ve already forgotten. Among the pieces I remember writing which you should get busy reading, in no particular order:

Sharing Science is a Crime,” Al Jazeera English — If you discover the cure for cancer while working for a corporation or school, you better keep it a secret.

Steal This Article,” The New Inquiry — It may not always be practical, but it’s almost always moral to take what you need from someone who has plenty (and doesn’t deserve it).

The Exploited Laborers of the Liberal Media,” VICE — The liberal magazine Mother Jones gave its interns/”fellows” a $500 a month raise after this piece was published, meaning they will now be paid almost the bare minimum legally allowed in San Francisco (almost).

Libertarians Are Very Confused about Capitalism,” Salon — Libertarians like to point out that America does not enjoy a “free market,” but if that’s true: why are they always so busy defending America’s wealthy?

US Hedge Funds Paint Argentina as Ally of Iran (& part two),” Inter Press Service – Wall Street is trying to extract tens of billions of dollars from Argentina and it’s using warmongers in Washington to try and get it.

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